St Seraphim’s Chapel and Icon & Railway Heritage Museum

St Seraphim’s Chapel and Icon & Railway Heritage Museum

Station Road
Little Walsingham
NR22 6EB
+44 (0)1328 820610

A peaceful space

St Seraphim’s is an Orthodox Chapel created in 1967 by Father David and Leon Liddament of the Brotherhood of St Seraphim in what was previously the booking office and gentlemen’s waiting room of Walsingham Railway Station. An onion dome and cross were added to the original 1857 building, but otherwise it remains relatively unchanged from its original design. Until 2010 St Seraphim’s was a centre for the creation of religious icons that can be found all over the world. It is the Trust’s aim to build on this legacy and once again make St Seraphim’s a space for the study and practice of iconography.

The museum has a collection of icons and railway memorabilia. A display in the porch gives information about the Iconography and the railway and pilgrimage heritage. A temporary exhibition of railway artefacts and information is available to view on request from February 2015.

The  St Seraphim’s Garden is a tranquil space where visitors can relax and enjoy the sights of Walsingham from the top. Those who are more active may wish to help with the gardening or as a garden welcomer at events.

Recommended length of visit: At least 30 minutes.

There is an annual garden party on the last Saturday of June – free admission.

Visit their website for information about opening times, admission prices and facilities.