Museum 4 Watton

Museum 4 Watton

Wayland Hall,
Middle Street,
IP25 6AG

Watton – a town steeped in history

This is a relatively new museum that opened in March 2018. It’s based in the historic Wayland Hall, home of Watton Town Council, and houses artefacts from the town and surrounding villages’ rich histories.

Key exhibits include the Court Baron Minute Books of the Manor of Watton Hall from 1670 to 1924 and an early Paleolithic flint hand axe, believed to be half a million years old, which was found in one of the Wayland villages.

There’s also a full size replica of a Roman skeleton found in Watton, known as Hero, documents and pictures relating to RAF Watton and regularly changing displays.

The museum has an education and research centre where the history and heritage of the town can be explored on touch-screen computers or through reference books.

Nearby Wayland Wood, is reputed to be the site of the story of Babes-in-the-wood.

Visit their website for information about opening times, admission prices and facilities.